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Zeitlich begrenztes Halteverbot in München für einen sicheren Umzug


Sep 17, 2021

Moving within a metropolis can sometimes be much more stressful than moving furniture between very distant places, even moving abroad. The furniture often has to be carried in a very narrow space and loaded onto the moving vehicle. If the whole thing happens in the parking lot or on the street in front of the building, the parked cars pose a danger to the moving workers – and the vehicles themselves can also be damaged.


Is there a way to create a little more space on the day of the move and maybe only have the cars legally removed for the duration of the move? Yes, there is a temporary stopping ban that has to be requested . Munich , like many other large cities, has been battling the increasing number of vehicles and the longest traffic jams in Germany for years. Such a time-limited no-parking zone only applies for a very short time, after which the cars are allowed to return to the parking lot or onto the street.


No parking signs in Munich – available from us


We would particularly like to recommend our complete package for everything to do with the no-parking in Munich. You don’t just order the signs – you just let us do all the work. The only thing you have to do is inform us of your moving plans in good time so that we can apply for you. Two weeks are a sufficient time buffer so that the acceptance arrives on time. We will take care of further appointments.


The no-stopping signs will be put up for a few days. The owners of the cars should be informed in good time about the temporary no-parking zone so that they can react accordingly. Of course, we will put them in the right places and make sure that everything goes according to the legal regulations.


And on the day of the move, you and all the moving helpers will notice how much easier it is to move with the no-parking signs in Munich than without them. The moving helpers enjoy more freedom when carrying and maneuvering the moving truck around the building is much easier. The risk of injury is lower and the neighbors’ cars are also not endangered.


So if you are interested in applying for a stopping ban in Munich during the move, speak to us. We will put together an individual offer for you that will include all the services you require.

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