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Send Self-Destructing messages through Private note, Send Secure Messages or Stay Organized:


Sep 18, 2022

If you want to ensure your data isn’t stored anywhere, use private note to send sensitive information. The threat to your privacy looms large. Beyond encryption, if you want to ensure your data isn’t stored anywhere, use these self-destructing apps to send sensitive information.

If you use simple messaging to send sensitive information, there is a chance someone might get sensitive or personal data at a later date because it was stored somewhere. If you want to send something without it being stored forever, try these private note that blow up the message, once and for all.

Private note is best for helping self-destructing messages, and it’s already doing everything right. It encrypts any note you write, or any file you upload. Then it creates a link, which you can share with the recipient.

What makes it better is that Private note lets you set when and how the link self-destructs. You can either set a time period (from one second to one month) or use the option to delete the note immediately after it is read the first time. The latter is useful for one-on-one communication, while the time limit lets you share it with multiple users.

It’s a bad idea to send a password for any account over email, instant message, or any such service. Instead, when you need to share passwords, use a self-destructing note like the ones created by Private note.

Write your password in the notes field, and click the “Generate Link” button. You’ll get a link that can be shared with anyone. The first time it is opened, private note will destroy the message forever from its servers. So there’s no way to share this with multiple users, but at least you know it’s not going to be stored anywhere.

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